Secure your home with a smoke detector

Recent events remind us dramatically every year in France 800 people die from smoke inhalation during a fire. Installing a smoke detector is essential to secure his home. This device detects smoke and sounds an 85 decibel alarm to evacuate the house or to fight against the outbreak of fire. The installation of smoke detectors in all residential premises will be required before March 8, 2015 (Decree No. 2011-36 of 10 January 2011). The detector should meet the European standard EN 14604 or for more security to the French standard NF 292. Installation-detecteur-fumee   A buzzer sounds when the battery reaches the end of charging. Do not use rechargeable batteries. Every month check the functioning of your detector by pressing the test button which allows automatic trigger signal. Dust off the side vents. Change your detectors every 10 years.It takes at least one detector per floor – ideally one per room (bedroom, living …). It is recommended to install smoke detectors in hallways or stairs and positioned on the ceiling. Do not install in the kitchen, bathroom or garage because the smoke from cooking, bathing or car exhausts may cause nuisance tripping. For these premises, heat detectors called “special kitchen” ensure the detection of large temperature variations. You can also find in the trade of gas , carbon monoxide and or water leak detectors that also contribute to the safety of your home.

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