Freeze – Thaw: Watch out for water leaks!

The first frost comes, it’s time to protect your home against risks from freezing.

Installed outside the house or in an unheated room, the water meter and pipe connections are vulnerable to frost:

  • The gel may interrupt your water supply chilling the water flowing in the pipes;
  • worse, it can create breaks in your network, which will lead to leakage when the ice melts.

From the onset of cold, for uninhabited homes during winter, Twistimmo recommends to close the tap on the water meter and protect it with insulation, to leave domestic taps open to reduce the pressure, empty flush water and spread coarse salt in the toilet bowl, open the bleed taps of your pipes to drain standing water.

Leave your heating on frost position and active MEV also help to keep your home healthy.

Upon the return of warmer weather, Twistimmo recommends that you check for leaks on your private facilities located after the meter. If there is no visible leak, just make sure that your water meter stops turning when all your water points (taps, appliances) are closed. Indeed, some leaks could appear on buried pipelines.

If you find that there is a water leak, Twistimmo can recommend plumbers to make repairs as soon as possible to avoid:

  • possible water damage;
  • unnecessary consumption of water that could raise your next bill significantly.

Despite all these precautions you suffer water damage having its origin in yourself or your neighbor:

  • Shut off water and electric meter;
  • Insulate your home appliances and furniture;
  • Contact your home insurance and send your claim within 5 working days;
  • Tell your condominium or landlord;
  • Take pictures, keep your damaged property and gather your bills;

Know also: Decree No. 2012-1078 of 24 September 2012 concerning the protection of consumers in the billing of overuse of water after meter will enter into force on 1 July 2013.

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