The Estate finance broker

With our mortgage broker you will have:

The best loan

Because negotiating hundreds of home loans, he has more weight to get better rates, insurance and guarantees that a lonely particular could directly get himself …


Because he is in a relationship of trust with his banking partners, he gets home loan proposals within 48 hours – it’s still faster than making an appointment with a dozen of advisers, then present your project , wait for them to remind you …

free of charge

Because their fees replace those of the bank, going through our broker does not cost you more than directly with the bank …

without commitment

Because you are not obliged to accept the proposal of our mortgage loan broker … except perhaps your sense of savings …

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Do not take off without knowing his exact method on decision making (at the office of the regional headquarters ? after obtaining agreement from another organism? Third guarantor ? etc.) and expected date of response. When the time comes, do not wait, take the initiative to re-contact your banker.

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