The geolocation of properties

TWISTimmo innovates and offers to buyers a geolocation service of the properties for sale.

You will find geolocation in the « properties map »  tab where you also have tools such as zoom, satellite, and even the 3D view tab (when offered by GoogleEarth). Each ad also has its own location map.

The geolocation TWISTimmo is ideal for understanding the environment of selected property!

The property for sale have an exact location under the following conditions:

  • we affixed a sign « for sale » on the property;
  • the property is an apartment in a large building;
  • I have an exclusive mandate with the seller;

The location of the property may be more approximate to limit direct canvassing from individuals and from our competitors near the seller, especially when:

  • the seller does not want to be bothered;
  • the  vendor’s phone NR is displayed on the property;
  • the seller lives there and has given us a simple mandate;

In this case, the exact address can be given to you on the occasion of a site visit against signing a visit voucher.

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