The Home Staging

Your property is offered at a fair price, your real estate agent is skilled, your ads for sale are satisfactory … then there is a key point to check:

The presentation of your property.

Nine times out of ten, buying a home is done on the spur of heart, and in these cases, the first few minutes of the visit are relevant for decision making. When you’re the seller, it is necessary to treat appearances. A shot of white on the walls already has refreshing properties. The instinct and common sense are usually sufficient to prepare the property for sale. But there are more sophisticated methods to be cleared up, lighting spaces, neutral tones … With home staging a home sells better and before others.

The basic principles of Home Staging are:

  • Clear the space to highlight the volume of rooms;
  • Refresh and repair because potential buyers will be looking for any defect allowing them to justify an offer down;
  • Clean and tidy up, so that the house is perfectly ordered;
  • Depersonalize, to allow potential buyers to easily project themselves in your home with their own design;
  • Redevelop the area to facilitate the movement;
  • Harmonize and create a rewarding environment in which potential buyers feel comfortable.
  • These technics apply both inside and outside of a property, because the first impression is paramount: visitors must want to enter.

When putting together your dossier, if you wish, I will share my experience of home staging and give you some advice.

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