The technical diagnosis

The technical diagnosis must be submitted to the purchaser at the latest at the time of signing the sales agreement. This file informs the buyer about the condition of the property for sale and contribute to building trust. These documents are for information purposes only. They do not require the seller to perform the work.

Technical diagnosis are:


ASBESTOS diagnosis

In case of sale of a property which the building permit was issued before 1 July 1997, the seller has the obligation to attach to the sales agreement a statement indicating the presence or absence of materials containing asbestos.

art. L. 1334-13 du CSP    Asbestos diagnosis validity : Unlimited

 Blue flames of a gas stove

GAZ diagnosis

 In case of sale of property with a domestic gas installation performed for over 15 years, the seller has the obligation to attach to the sales agreement a statement describing the condition of fixed heaters and devices producing domestic hot water, the condition of fixed piping gas supply, management of premises where gas appliances work …

  My advice :  check that the ends of fixed gas supply cooking appliances that are no longer present are well sealed with a suitable mechanical device (plug brass screw). Also check the expiry date of the flexible gas supply pipe to your stove . Clear your air vents. All this will limits the number of discrepancies.

art. L 134-6 du CCH     Gas diagnosis validity : 3 years

 Diagnostic électricité


 To assess the risks that may affect the safety of persons, the seller of a property must achieve a report of the domestic electricity system if it was performed there over 15 years

 My advice: do check your wiring and correct any visible defects (broken plugs, apparent dominoes, …), you will limit the number of anomalies.

art. L. 134-7 du CCH     Electricity diagnosis validity : 3 years



When selling a property, equipped with a heating system, the energy performance certificate (EPC) should be established (an open fireplace or extra heating radiators are not a heating system)

EPC is to advise on the amount of energy actually consumed or estimated and includes recommendations for energy efficiency improvements.

Since the 1rst of January 2011, the EPC must be made before the advertisement of sale of real estate

art. L. 134-1 du CCH    EPC diagnosis validity :  10 years


LEAD diagnosis

When selling a property built before the 1st of January 1949, the seller has the obligation to attach a report on the risk of exposure to lead to sales agreement.

  This observation shows the concentration of lead in coatings of the property and that their conservation status and, if necessary, refers degradation factors of the frame (floor or ceiling threatening to collapse, mold or water stains ).

  This diagnosis is not about looking for lead pipes.

art. L. 1334-6 du CSP     LEAD diagnosis validity:   

  • – unlimited in case of absence of lead
  • – 1 year in case of lead presence
 immeuble et plan haut


In case of sale of real property subject to the status of the condominium, an appraisal before purchase is required to determine the size of the proportional shares or units percentage.

  The private area, called Carrez area, is the floor area closed and covered after deducting the area occupied by walls,  stairs and stairwells, ducts, doorways and windows. It is not considered part of the floors, a local height less than 1.80 m².

  Balconies, basements, garages, parking spaces, boxes or undeveloped attic are not counted.

Loi n° 65-557 du 10 juillet 1965     CARREZ area certificate validity:  unlimited unless the work is carried out after




Purchasers of real property situated in areas covered by a technological risk prevention plan or prevention of foreseeable natural risks plan or areas of seismicity defined by decree, must be informed by the seller of the existence of risks covered by the plan or decree.

  A statement of risk based on information provided by the prefecture offices is annexed to the sale agreement, 

The risk statement is made for free and unconditionally by Twistimmo.

Loi 2012-387 du 22 mars 2012 – Art L-125-5    Natural and technological risks statement validity;  6 Months


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