Why would you go through a real estate agent?

Today, make a real estate transaction in good conditions is far from clear,
This is why it is particularly advisable to use a real estate professional.

 My responsibility is:

  •  Allow you to make a secure transaction through:
  • my financial guarantee subscribed with LLOYDS-SEGAP in PARIS;
  • my « Professional Liability » insurance 

My legal effectiveness is:

  • a professional license issued by the prefecture, mandatory since Hoguet law of January 2, 1970 certifying and authentifying my expertise in the legal, commercial and economic fields;
  • an experience of 20 years, updated daily by the practice of many sales, allowing Imm’Opale agencies to claim legal expertise of a real property. Civil Code, Planning Code, Act SRU, Act Scrivener, Carrez law, mandatory Diagnostics, Damage Work Insurance  … we master regulations and case law.

My business efficiency is:

  • maximum exposure on our windows ideally located in the heart of city center of Berck, capital of the Opal Coast;
  • a significant budget entirely at our advertising expenses;
  • a network of websites dedicated to real estate on the coast of Picardy: www.twistimmo.com and more widely across the Opal Coast: www.agenceimmopale.com;
  • a file of buyers potentially interested in your property ;
  • simple immediate and personalized contact with a single representative, Eric MALBRANCQ for all properties currently for sale on the Picardy coast contact;
  • a local structure easily identifiable avoiding the dilution of your ad in the maze of national groups websites.

My knowledge of the market is:

  • an experienced professional, resident in its sector, always available to listen, advise and inform you;
  • an estimate of the property in line with current prices and local market to reduce the time of sale (owners sometimes attach great sentimental value to their property. Sometimes they determine the value to be able to realize their future real estate project. The property is then often overestimated).

The final

Trust a professional whose activity is regulated and have an insured warranty,  can avoid unpleasant surprises and bad business.

Our expertise helps both parties to agree on a fair price. Our interest is to be recommended by buyers as sellers, not to achieve a « good shot » …
In our « super-business » are rare, but you will certainly avoid very bad.

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